Framework for Colombia’s Climate Finance Strategy

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Through the Financial Management Committee of SISCLIMA (National Climate Change System), the Government of Colombia promotes the gradual incorporation of climate change into the country’s economic and financial planning, turning climate finance into a tool for meeting the commitments made at COP21 and achieving the transition to a more climate-compatible development model. It is in this context that the Climate and Development Alliance (CDKN) has financed the construction of the Framework for the Colombian Climate Finance Strategy. This framework has made it possible to evaluate the demand and supply of resources to finance mitigation and adaptation actions up to 2030. It also proposes innovative actions and mechanisms to guarantee public and private investment, improve efficiency in public spending, integrate local, national and international sources, and outlines possible instruments and mechanisms to guarantee the flow and execution of climate change resources. This framework will serve as a basis for the National Government to develop its national climate finance strategy and promote the issue of green bonds, among others, in the country.