E3 - Ecología Economía y Ética

Our team

E3 has a multidisciplinary and proactive team that has stood out for creating strategic alliances with the public and private sectors at local, national and international levels. It has a wide network of people and institutions with whom it generates spaces for co-creation, leadership and entrepreneurship, forging transformative processes.

Claudia Martínez Zuleta

Claudia Martinez is the Executive Director of E3- Ecology, Economics and Ethics.

Marco Ehrlich

Marco is a Senior Advisor to E3. He has more than 35 years of experience in sustainable development,

Patricia Velásquez Espinosa

Patricia is a Project Manager and legal expert on climate and environmental issues.

Andres Florido Delgado

Andrés Florido Delgado is a Social Communicator specialized in UX design and digital strategies.

Patricia Falla

Patricia Falla is a senior environmental and sustainability consultant in Colombia.

Flor Estepa Santos

Flor Estepa Santos, Business Administrator and Environmental Manager

Sindy Nova

Sindy Nova, Sanitary and Environmental Engineer from the Universidad del Valle

Jose Manuel Patiño

Jose Manuel has 8 years of experience in sustainable urban development,

Manuela Gómez Valencia

Manuela Gómez Valencia is the leader of FOLU Antioquia

Santiago González

Santiago González is a social communicator and journalist

Lily Begg

Lily Begg is a food systems expert at E3. She has a Master's degree in Agroecology