E3 - Ecología Economía y Ética

Our team

E3 has a multidisciplinary and proactive team that has stood out for creating strategic alliances with the public and private sectors at local, national and international levels. It has a wide network of people and institutions with whom it generates spaces for co-creation, leadership and entrepreneurship, forging transformative processes.

Claudia Martínez Zuleta

Claudia Martinez is the Executive Director of E3- Ecology, Economics and Ethics.

Marco Ehrlich

Marco is a Senior Advisor to E3. He has more than 35 years of experience in sustainable development,

Patricia Velásquez Espinosa

Patricia is a Project Manager and legal expert on climate and environmental issues.

Andres Florido Delgado

Andrés Florido Delgado is a Social Communicator specialized in UX design and digital strategies.

Patricia Falla

Patricia Falla is a senior environmental and sustainability consultant in Colombia.

Lily Begg

Lily Begg is a food systems expert at E3. She has a Master's degree in Agroecology

Sindy Nova

Sindy Nova, Sanitary and Environmental Engineer from the Universidad del Valle

Jose Manuel Patiño

Jose Manuel has 8 years of experience in sustainable urban development,

Manuela Gómez Valencia

Manuela Gómez Valencia is the leader of FOLU Antioquia

Flor Estepa Santos

Flor Estepa Santos, Business Administrator and Environmental Manager