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170 million pesos will be given to regeneration networks through Incentive Fund of Bancolombia Alliance, Nutresa and FOLU Colombia

The alliance between the Bancolombia Foundation, Nutresa Foundation and the Coalition for Food and Land Use – FOLU Colombia led by E3- Economy, Ecology and Ethics, will deliver 170 million pesos in incentives to ten networks of regenerators in Antioquia, Quindío and Valle Cauca. 

These resources are part of the Incentive Fund, created by the alliance to promote projects aimed at strengthening regeneration networks, emphasising organizational and economic sustainability, impact on decision-making in the territories and the regeneration of ecosystems. 

The 10 networks – five from Antioquia, three from Quindío and two from Valle del Cauca – will receive up to $20 million pesos to finance the projects they have presented. In addition, beneficiaries will have training resources such as webinars, online courses on the Regeneration in Action Platform, in-person innovation workshops and personalised mentoring in markets and finances. 

Among the beneficiary networks are the Antioquia Peasant Association (ACA), the Biological Agriculture Network (RECAB) and the Greater Peasant Institute (IMCA), organisations that for over 30 years have united peasant families around agroecology. 

Similarly, the Network of Regenerators in Movement of the Southwest, the local Network of conservation, sustainability and good living initiatives in the Arenal River basin, Kakataima and the Biodynamic Agriculture Association are collectives of people, enterprises and institutional actors that are committed to the multidimensional regeneration of the various territories. 

Other selected networks promote the empowerment of women and young people, such as: Guardianas Violeta, the International Alliance of Women in Coffee and Corporación Serraniagua. 

The announcement has sought to strengthen different types of networks and projects within the 144 networks mapped and diagnosed in Antioquia, Valle del Cauca and Quindío, where the implementation of roadmaps to transform food systems are being promoted, including the project to support Regeneration Networks 

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