Territories empowered for climate action, meeting the new climate change goals from governing bodies and municipalities in Colombia

The Directorate of Climate Change and Risk Management of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the E3 – Ecology, Economy and Ethics team with the support of the CDKN team in Latin America and the Caribbean, developed the second part of the Territory Guide Empowered for Climate Action “Meeting the new climate change goals from the governing bodies and municipalities in Colombia.” Through this, it seeks to promote new and ambitious programs, projects and actions in response to climate change and mitigation of greenhouse gases, to meet the country’s new climate change goals. 

The guide is a practical publication that explains to decision makers in departments and municipalities how they can articulate and align their management to meet the updated goals of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to reduce 51% of greenhouse gas emissions nationwide. 

The content of this guide allows you to understand; what the NDC are, the reason why the country’s goals were updated, the process that involved updating them to finally have goals and measures for adaptation to climate change, greenhouse gas mitigation and much more ambitious means of implementation. Likewise, it gives the guidelines to the governing bodies and mayors for the development of the Comprehensive Climate Change Management Plans with said goals and measures updated by the country. The fulfillment of the country’s goals will contribute to the reactivation of a green economy with new innovative projects and initiatives to be implemented in the territories. 

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