Climate and Peace Plan 2040: Urabá Antioqueño, Nutibara and Urrao

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CORPOURABA, CORDUPAZ and E3 led the construction of the Climate and Peace Plan 2040. It is the first plan in Colombia that unites the dimensions of climate change and peace, turning climate actions into an opportunity to strengthen peace and sustainable territorial development. Through this plan, measures will be promoted in 9 strategic areas that will allow the region of Urabá Antioqueño, Nutibara and Urrao to take advantage of the climate of the future and the post-conflict scenario for its development with a long-term vision. This innovative approach will be a model for other regions of the country, promoting a new way of thinking about future territorial development and achieving a solid peace. Within the framework of this project, an analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and a climate risk study for the 19 municipalities in the region have been generated. In addition, a Regional Council on Climate Change and Peace has been formed that brings together regional public institutions, associations, companies, academia and ethnic communities.