INNOLABS – Innovation Laboratories

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Colombia is at a strategic moment to move towards sustainable development, transforming the relationship between people and their ecosystems, and promoting peaceful environments. To achieve this, it is essential to have change managers that promote innovative solutions that respond to this opportunity.

Under this scenario, the Environmental Innovation Labs “Inno-Lab” arise as spaces of action to innovate in groups, which allow to awaken the best facets of creativity to orchestrate changes in the territories. The model is structured as an inspiring exercise to generate innovation prototypes that respond to the challenges faced by the communities in their territories.

The Inno-Lab has been directed to the leaders of the Development and Peace Programs and their networks of Villagers interested in fostering a culture of environment and peace in their territories, with work experiences with their communities, with the capacity to multiply learning and manage participatory and innovative proposals for action.

The Inno-Lab is:

A space of inspiration and innovation from within that potentiates personal knowledge and skills.
A learning space to promote new ways of working together and develop ideas, processes and creative prototypes.
A dynamic to unite human talent towards common goals, forge leadership and coordinate joint actions.