Ecosystems of Peace

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The objective of the Ecosistemas de Paz project is to promote sustainability in the peace process that Colombia is undertaking, supporting the transformation of ecosystems that have been scenarios of conflict into productive and sustainable peace-building territories. Through the articulation of actors in the regions, it seeks to forge a common vision of long-term change with shared responsibilities and opportunities, providing support and strengthening the capacities of the Development and Peace Programs (PDP) of REDPRODEPAZ and its inhabitants.

This project seeks to promote a peace that avoids the transformation of armed conflicts into environmental conflicts, that encourages the conservation of ecosystems in rural areas of Colombia and promotes a positive transformation of the territories towards a healthy environment and adequate economic development conditions through the promotion of new economies.

To achieve these objectives, REDPRODEPAZ and its 27 programs are being strengthened through the Territory and Environment Commission, serving as a platform for discussion, information and generation of synergies on environmental and peace issues. Likewise, work is being done to build and train a network of environmental leaders to achieve impact in the territories and generate projects that contribute to the regeneration of the social and productive fabric of the territories.

Three peace ecosystems were selected: the Serranía de las Quinchas in western Boyacá; the Serranía del Perijá in the department of Cesar; and the region of Urabá, Nutibara and Urrao in the department of Antioquia. The territories have been selected for their strategic importance in ecosystemic and social terms, as well as for the willingness of the Development and Peace Program and its strategic allies to generate positive peace and environmental dynamics for their territory.