E3 - Ecología Economía y Ética

Featured projects

Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace

The Forest and Peace Tourism Routes project aims to demonstrate the potential of community-based ecotourism in biodiversity hotspots as a means to sustain rural livelihoods, reduce deforestation, avoid greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen peacebuilding in 2 post-conflict regions.

New Economics for Food and Land Use - FOLU

FOLU is an initiative that connects entrepreneurs, investors, government entities, the scientific community, academia, organized local communities, civil society organizations, trade unions and multilateral organizations at the global, national and territorial levels to join forces to improve food systems.

Regeneration in Action

FOLU Colombia Initiative

It is a community of actors united by regeneration in different territories that seeks to generate, appropriate and exchange knowledge and make visible inspiring examples that help to scale innovation and the impact of regeneration.

Nature, economy and conflict - Comisión de la Verdad

Timeline, voices and recommendations for non-repetition

The relationship between nature, the economy and the armed conflict in the Perijá-Zapatosa corridor has marked rural livelihoods. Since the 1950s, different forms of conflict have contributed to the transformation of ecosystems, land use and the capacity to support community development.