6 Departmental Climate Change Plans

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E3 in association with CAEM and the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development have built the 6 comprehensive climate change plans for the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena, César, Santander, Quindío and Cauca. These 6 plans promote the integration of climate change in a cross-cutting manner in the planning and territorial management of the departments. They made it possible to agree in a participatory manner on concrete actions and measures for the short, medium and long term, turning the climate challenge into an opportunity for the well-being of the population, sustainability and competitiveness of each department. To promote the process at the local level, a Climate Change Committee was established that brings together strategic actors in each department, with whom we are working on the construction of the strategic lines and measures of the plans. The 6 departmental climate change plans will be presented in the course of 2017.