Public-Private Partnership for Competitiveness and Green Growth

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Colombia has set the ambitious goal of reducing its emissions by 20% by 2030. In addition to this commitment, which was presented by the country at COP21, there is the goal of joining the OECD. In both cases, this implies transforming the economy, generating appropriate public policies and incentives. It also implies involving the private sector more and more so that green growth and climate compatible development become pillars of the economy and a source of greater competitiveness. In this context, E3 has led two complementary processes with the Colombian Private Competitiveness Council, the National Planning Department, the Climate and Development Alliance (CDKN) and the Prosperity Fund to strengthen public-private participation and collaboration on these issues. On the one hand, green growth and climate change criteria have been incorporated into Colombia’s Departmental Competitiveness Index, while gaps and disincentives in public policies to achieve this transition were analyzed with the private sector. In addition, a roadmap for public-private participation in the Green Growth Mission has been created, which has the mandate to generate inputs to build Colombia’s national green growth policy.